Company Info

No Limits Staffing Services is a home health staffing company that has been proudly serving the community, patients, Home Health Agencies, and Clinicians since 2016. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing and medical social work services in the home health setting all over North Texas. From Sherman to Waco, Tyler to Abilene, we currently service the entire DFW area in 16 different counties. Our number one goal is to deliver the highest quality care to each patient with experienced clinicians, skilled/defensible documentation, and constant communication with our clinicians and partners.


Creating solutions to help people.


Large enough to serve all patients, but small enough to know each one by heart. 

Core Values:

Service – We believe that our #1 priority is to serve patients to the best of our ability as clinicians and as an administrative staff. With that same dedication we strive to serve our partners, Clinicians and Agencies, by setting our standards high and holding everyone accountable for priority #1. Also, No Limits Staffing prides itself on serving the community with our quarterly give backs at a variety of local charities. 

Communication – We believe that communication is the key to everyone’s success. We are dedicated to providing constant communication to our partners in order to help all parties ensure priority #1.

Relationships – We believe in building symbiotic relationships that center around respect with all of our partners so priority #1 can be achieved seamlessly. 

Integrity – We believe in saying what you mean, meaning what you say, and doing what you said you would do.